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Packages that use SimpleHeader

Uses of SimpleHeader in org.javaswift.joss.headers

Subclasses of SimpleHeader in org.javaswift.joss.headers
 class Accept
 class Metadata
 class Token
          The security token supplied by the OpenStack Identity component (Keystone).

Uses of SimpleHeader in org.javaswift.joss.headers.account

Subclasses of SimpleHeader in org.javaswift.joss.headers.account
 class AccountBytesUsed
 class AccountContainerCount
 class AccountMetadata
 class AccountObjectCount
 class HashPassword

Uses of SimpleHeader in org.javaswift.joss.headers.container

Subclasses of SimpleHeader in org.javaswift.joss.headers.container
 class ContainerBytesUsed
 class ContainerMetadata
 class ContainerObjectCount
 class ContainerReadPermissions
 class ContainerWritePermissions

Uses of SimpleHeader in org.javaswift.joss.headers.identity

Subclasses of SimpleHeader in org.javaswift.joss.headers.identity
 class XAuthKey
          User as part of a BASIC authentication.
 class XAuthUser
          User as part of a BASIC authentication.

Uses of SimpleHeader in org.javaswift.joss.headers.object

Subclasses of SimpleHeader in org.javaswift.joss.headers.object
 class CopyFrom
          Determines the source object in a copy action
 class Etag
          Sets the MD5 hash on an object.
 class ObjectContentLength
 class ObjectContentType
 class ObjectManifest
 class ObjectMetadata

Uses of SimpleHeader in org.javaswift.joss.headers.object.conditional

Subclasses of SimpleHeader in org.javaswift.joss.headers.object.conditional
 class AbstractIfMatch
 class IfMatch
 class IfNoneMatch

Uses of SimpleHeader in

Subclasses of SimpleHeader in
 class ErrorPage
 class IndexPage
 class Listing
 class ListingCSS
 class WebsiteHeader

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