Class XAuthUser

  extended by org.javaswift.joss.headers.Header
      extended by org.javaswift.joss.headers.SimpleHeader
          extended by org.javaswift.joss.headers.identity.XAuthUser

public class XAuthUser
extends SimpleHeader

User as part of a BASIC authentication. Contains the username. Passed in the headers as X-Auth-User

Field Summary
static String X_AUTH_USER
Constructor Summary
XAuthUser(String value)
Method Summary
 String getHeaderName()
          Returns the header name that must be set in the request.
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Field Detail


public static String X_AUTH_USER
Constructor Detail


public XAuthUser(String value)
Method Detail


public String getHeaderName()
Description copied from class: Header
Returns the header name that must be set in the request. Eg, "Range"

Specified by:
getHeaderName in class Header
the name for the request header

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