Uses of Interface

Packages that use Website

Uses of Website in org.javaswift.joss.client.core

Methods in org.javaswift.joss.client.core that return Website
 Website AbstractAccount.getWebsite(String containerName)

Constructor parameters in org.javaswift.joss.client.core with type arguments of type Website
AbstractAccount(AccountCommandFactory commandFactory, ContainerFactory<Container> containerFactory, ContainerFactory<Website> websiteFactory, boolean allowCaching)

Uses of Website in org.javaswift.joss.client.impl

Classes in org.javaswift.joss.client.impl that implement Website
 class WebsiteImpl

Methods in org.javaswift.joss.client.impl that return Website
 Website WebsiteFactoryImpl.create(AbstractAccount account, String containerName)

Uses of Website in org.javaswift.joss.client.mock

Classes in org.javaswift.joss.client.mock that implement Website
 class WebsiteMock

Methods in org.javaswift.joss.client.mock that return Website
 Website WebsiteFactoryMock.create(AbstractAccount account, String containerName)

Uses of Website in

Classes in that implement Website
 class AbstractWebsite

Methods in that return Website
 Website AbstractWebsite.create()
 Website AbstractWebsite.setIgnoreFilters(String[] ignoreFilters)

Constructors in with parameters of type Website
ObjectStoreFileObjects(Website website)

Uses of Website in org.javaswift.joss.model

Methods in org.javaswift.joss.model that return Website
 Website Account.getWebsite(String name)
          Returns a handle for a website.
 Website Website.setIgnoreFilters(String[] ignoreFilters)
          Passes a number of files and directories that must be ignored by the push/pull mechanism.

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